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Photo: Tyler Scaife named the American Athletic Conference Freshman of the Year






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Getting Into the Zone: Game-Changing New Book Trains Young Minds to Win Through ‘Mental Toughness’ (via SBWire

Written by Elliot and Kathy Hagburg, ‘Getting Into The Zone: A COURSE and WORKBOOK For the Mental Game’ can help any young person develop a tough athlete’s mind with just ten minutes of practice each day. With mental training that can help them…

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Elliot CL Ad

Kindle edition of Getting Into the Zone is now available!

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We are happy to announce that the book is now available on Kindle! Follow the link to Amazon to purchase the ebook for only $2.99!!





Getting Into the Zone featured in NJGreats.com !!

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Use the following link to check out the great article about the book at NJGreats!

Thanks to NJGreats.com and Lori Sica!!


5 Star Reviews for Getting Into The Zone!

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5.0 out of 5 stars the mental victory, February 2, 2012
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This review is from: Getting Into The Zone: A COURSE and WORKBOOK For the Mental Game (Paperback)

In all of my years as a competitive athlete, coach, official, and organizer of youth sports, I have never come across a reference as valuable and relevant as Getting Into The Zone. The workbook format is perfect for the young mind to participate and personalize the journey. And it is more than just a “how to” become a better athlete, it is about training the mind to become a winner. The mental training of uprooting unproductive “seeds” or thoughts and replanting new positive seeds is valuable life tool the athlete can use on and off the field, for every challenge in life. I applaud the collaborative effort of Elliot and Kathy Hagburg . Their combined knowledge and experience give this guide a strong foundation with a marketable edge. I recommend this book to not just coaches and athletes, but anyone involved involved in youth sports. Check into the great fund-raising opportunity as well.
Lori Sica


Derek Jeter, “The Captain” On and Off the Field

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I chose to write this post not only because I am an unbelievably biased and crazed Yankee fan, but because Derek Jeter sets a standard for athletes that few can replicate. If I ever had the opportunity to meet Derek it would truly be a dream come true. I doubt I will ever meet him and I also doubt he will ever read this. I am only writing this because I have the utmost respect for the guy. He has been the superstar that I have admired since I was a young kid. Not only is he a superstar between the whites, but he achieves greatness off the field as well. At the young age of 22, Derek started his “Turn 2 Foundation” in hopes of making a difference in the lives of young kids. The main focus of the foundation is to promote healthy lifestyles for youngsters and to keep them free of drugs and alcohol. Now, what’s in it for him? The guy has more money than I can comprehend, and here he is taking time out of his busy lifestyle to give back to society. Derek makes contributions out of his own pocket in addition to the charity events he hosts every year. He also opened the Derek Jeter Academy in Florida, which is a center for teens struggling with drug and alcohol abuse. He obviously doesn’t do all this for fame and fortune, he has that already. He does it because he strongly believes in making a difference in the lives of others. This is a characteristic that goes way beyond the baseball field.

Derek Jeter was, and still is, the guy I want to emulate. Even if you are not a Jeter fan, fine, but how can you dismiss his efforts off the field? This is a prime example that people get what they want by helping OTHERS get what they want. His athletic ability and accomplishments have easily guaranteed him a spot in the baseball Hall of Fame, but his mental toughness and character definitely played a huge part in his athletic career. Have you ever heard of Jeter getting into any trouble? I haven’t, and I don’t think you, or I, ever will. He’s got a solid head on his shoulders and makes great decisions. Derek sets the bar very high for all athletes, not just baseball players. I can also say with much confidence that, being a baseball player, he has also had his share of failure. Nobody can make every play, get every hit, make every right decision, or go through life without making mistakes. The key is to keep moving forward and learn as you go. Life is a learning experience and like athletics, you win some, you lose some, but have fun and enjoy the ride.

You don’t have to be a multi-million dollar athlete to help others or make contributions. Everyone has the power, and the ability, to help guide young kids along their journey regardless of athletic ability. This is why coaching is so important to me. I am obviously not Derek Jeter, Michael Jordan, or Joe Montana, but I can teach kids about the game and hopefully nudge them in the right direction. From a coaching standpoint, if I can make a difference in one kids life, then I have done my job. I commend “Jeet” for everything he does, and especially for all of his big hits in the playoffs. Sorry, had to throw that in there. Like I said, I am a Yankee freakazoid and it’s hard to suppress it sometimes.


Daily excercise: Whether you are an athlete, coach, manager, or employee somewhere, do something to help a fellow teammate or colleague accomplish something. It doesn’t have to change the World, but big or small, it makes a difference.


Thanks again for the inspiration Derek, and keep doing what you do best. DJ3KALLDAY!




Intro to GettingIntoTheZone

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Welcome Athletes:


My name is Elliot Hagburg. I would first like to thank you for visiting my site. Your interest is greatly appreciated. Secondly, I would like to give you a little background about myself and tell you some of MY story. I am a recent graduate of Hofstra University, where I thankfully had the opportunity of receiving a degree in Business Management, while playing Division I baseball. As a student athlete I spent my first collegiate season at NJIT before transferring to Hofstra, where I would play the next three seasons. I spent most of my time behind the plate and played some outfield during my Senior year. It was an honor and a privilege to compete at such a high level. At Hofstra I had an opportunity to travel around the country to compete against nationally ranked teams like Florida State and play in front of thousands of people. The biggest thrill of my college career was experiencing the chilling atmosphere at Dick Howser Stadium, and witnessing 8,000 FSU fans doing the “Tomahawk Chop” up-close and personal. There really was nothing like playing against teams of that caliber. Baseball was an avenue for me to experience these moments while receiving a high quality education. My college degree was the main focus of course, but baseball was the icing on the cake. I always dreamed of playing professionally, and that dream still exists today. The flame is not out yet, and I am still chasing that dream to one day play/coach for a professional organization. I have always said that baseball was my first love, but I also enjoy other sports as well. I am fascinated by professional athletes and have the utmost respect for those who are role models for young kids. I also am a movie freak, love to eat, travel, learn, and have fun. Besides baseball, I also enjoy strength training, MMA, football, basketball, tennis, horseshoes, golf, reading, and, my new favorite, writing. My motto is, “if it’s not fun, either make it fun, or try something else.”

This site, and book, was created in order to help guide young athletes. It is important they have an outlet to constantly learn and improve their game. By practicing and training the mental part of their game, their physical performance will go through the roof. Gaining a mental edge is something which we can all benefit from. Not just with sports, but with work, relationships, and overall well-being. Life is not about the destination, but about learning to enjoy the journey. My own personal journey was/is filled with joy, laughter, pain, suffering, relief, anxiety and every other emotion known to man. I am sure that those who read this have had some, if not all, of the same emotions in their life, and I would just like to say that, you are not alone! Without all of those painful moments that seem to ruin everything we have going, we would never be the people we are today, nor would we be as wise as we are today.


I personally believe that every experience is meant to teach you something. Since nothing happens for no reason, and there are no coincidences, these minor details which appear more important than they really are, ultimately lead us to exactly what we want in this World. For instance, I would never be typing this blog if it weren’t for all of the failure, heartache, fear, confusion, and every other feeling that we all try and avoid. It is these, what seem to be, negative emotions that made me who I am today. The door swings the other way as well; I wouldn’t be who I am today without all the love, excitement, success, gratitude, and peace that I have experienced. Past experiences shape us into who we become depending on how we react to them. All of these emotions are a part of life and, for better or worse; we will experience them all at some point. How we choose to respond to these experiences is entirely up to us. There is always a choice, and we always have the power to change our current situation, we just need to find a way.


Okay, so what does all of this have to do with athletics? Well, it has everything to do with athletics. I always say that baseball will teach a person everything they need to know about life. Not just baseball, but any sport. The successes, the failures, the hard work, and the results relate to everyday life in more ways than I can personally get my head around. What do we need to be successful? Firstly, I think to succeed in competition, as well as life, we must have confidence. When we are confident we are strong, and when we are strong we are confident. This is why athletes work as hard as they do. They need to prove to themselves that they have what it takes in order to set foot on the playing field with their head screwed on correctly. Secondly, we succeed more often than not when we are enjoying ourselves. Fun, excitement, and enthusiasm are the other main ingredients in the recipe for success.


Now, let’s get back to my story for a minute. I am so thankful for all of the “B S” I was forced to deal with throughout my athletic career. Without all of the misfortune, doubt, tears, and sweat, none of this would have been possible. I always said I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life, but now I have somewhat of a clue. Let me be clear that I am not a doctor, I don’t have a PHD, and I sometimes need a calculator for simple arithmetic. I am no genius, nor do I have all the answers, but I do have a passion for sports that won’t quit and the ability to help athletes keep their fires burning. Thanks to all of the psychotic coaches, the hardships of becoming an adult, and my experiences playing baseball, I can honestly say that I am a better person because of all that. Athletes only get one crack at making a difference during their careers. Once it’s over, I feel it is their duty to guide younger athletes along their own path. This site is designed to aid players, coaches, parents, managers, employees, and even those people who have no idea what they want. The overall goal is to sharpen our minds for the game of life. For that truly is the ultimate journey which we only get one shot at. Live, Love, Breathe, and make your story one for the record books!

Always remember:

There are no boundaries

Anything is possible

Suffering is a choice

And you CAN have, do, or be anything you choose


Thanks again for visiting! Feel free to tune in daily for Tips of the Week, updates, comments, photos and video. Feedback is, as always, greatly appreciated. This blog is meant for us to help each other so participate as much as you would like! I would also like to send a big thanks to my Mom, Dad, and Sister for all of their help and support. You helped mold me into the man I am today and for that I am truly thankful.


Play hard, have fun,and think happy thoughts!